Clinical Skills Development Service

Exploring simulation-based training at CSDS

Have you ever wondered what a course at CSDS looks like?

Maternity Emergency Program – Foundation (MEP-FC) isn’t your typical lecture-based course. Instead, it’s a dynamic simulation workshop designed for medical and midwifery staff, especially those who are new to the field or seeking to enhance their skills in managing birthing scenarios. It’s a day dedicated to following a woman’s labour, birth and postnatal period with management of her complications.

Interactive case discussion and management

Participants dive into real-life scenarios and lively discussions on how to handle various obstetric emergencies. It’s not just about theory; it’s about applying critical thinking to practical situations.

Skills stations

Theory meets reality in this hands-on segment. Participants rotate through different skill stations, honing their abilities in a simulated setting. From managing haemorrhage to performing emergency caesarean sections, every aspect of maternal care is meticulously covered.

Supported debriefing

Learning doesn’t end when the simulation stops. After each scenario, participants engage in supported debriefing sessions. It’s a chance to reflect, learn from mistakes, and refine clinical practices under the guidance of experienced facilitators.

CSDS courses combine theoretical knowledge with practical application in a simulated setting, offering participants an opportunity to reflect, learn from mistakes, and refine their clinical practices, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes.

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