Clinical Skills Development Service

Fukuoka University visits CSDS

At CSDS, we believe that collaboration with universities across the world is integral to advancing healthcare education. By fostering connections and sharing expertise, we create a dynamic learning environment that transcends geographical boundaries. Recently, nursing students from Fukuoka University in Japan visited CSDS.

The visit was led by Simulation Educator Davin Arthur, Nurse Educator Simulation Adam Trebilco, and Simulation Assistant Bill Nancarrow. During their visit, the students delved into various skill stations crafted to enhance their learning experience and visit:

  • Basic Life Support
  • Ultrasound Cannulation
  • Intraosseous Access
  • Operating Theatre Personal Protective Equipment
  • Maternity – Birthing Training

The hands-on exploration of these stations not only equipped the students with invaluable practical skills but also fostered a deeper understanding of healthcare practices beyond borders.

Our Simulation Assistant, Bill Nancarrow, showcased the array of masks designed to simulate real-life medical scenarios, which was one of the highlights of the visit. Despite his best efforts to startle the students, it was evident that the experience was both educational and entertaining.

As we continue to embrace the spirit of collaboration and innovation, we look forward to welcoming more students from diverse backgrounds, enriching their educational journey and shaping the future of healthcare, one simulation at a time.