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QSCIS collaboration leads to a new knowledge hub for spinal cord injuries

The CSDS Digital and Design Team has played a pivotal role in the launch of the QSCIS (Queensland Spinal Cord Injuries Service) website, as part of the BaSCI project. This project aimed to address equity in access to specialised spinal cord injury information and resources in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Highlights reel of the Online Knowledge Hub for Spinal Cord Injury Care. (Video/Josh Hills)

CSDS worked closely with the QSCIS Project Team, establishing a partnership to support the project for its initial launch. CSDS’ involvement began with the development of Phase 1, including a resource kit, decision aid and the creation of the QSCIS website. As part of the website’s development, The Digital and Design Team supported Julie Bundz, QSCIS Project Officer with numerous tasks and project deliverables, including but not limited to:

  • stakeholder engagement and education
  • refining and rescope of project deliverables and timeframes
  • project presentations delivered to stakeholders
  • creation of wireframes and mock-ups
  • user testing and feedback
  • Human Factors consultation with CSDS Research Team
  • decision aid creation with CSDS Research Team
  • content editing, formatting and design
  • illustration and infographic creation and modification
  • populating site content and page creation and formatting

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